New Patient Appointments (75 minutes): $350

Follow up visits:   

  • General follow up appointment (usually 30 minutes): $125
  • Lab review (30-45 minutes): $187.50
  • 60 minutes: $250
  • Additional 15 minute time blocks: $67.50
  • Genetic Consult with 23andme results: $300                                                                         *You do not need to be a patient for a genetic consult*

Modern Medicine does not take insurance. The main reason for this is that insurance based pay systems are based on high volume and simply are not geared for providers to be able to spend a large amount of time with patients. Frankly, the ability to spend all necessary time with you is something I deeply value. I think you'll find it's well worth it. 

However, all traditional laboratory tests are covered by insurance. Some specialty/functional medicine testing is not but that is always discussed on an individual basis.