I was 25 when I realized my life was in shambles and I could find no one to help me. I went to work everyday at 7am, got off around 3pm and spent the rest of the day in bed resting, preparing for the next day. Weekends were spent hardly getting out of my pajamas. I was depressed, foggy, burnt out and tired.

So tired.

I had no one to turn to. My primary care doctor wanted to reduce my thyroid medication based on my TSH, despite the fact that I was literally experiencing every-single-hypothyroidism-symptom.

Long story short, I found my night in shining armor. He gave me my life back and then gave me the knowledge to change others' lives. So now it's both my mission and my passion. I love it. I know what my thyroid patients are feeling. I can empathize with their struggle to find someone who can help them get their life back. The best part is that I actually get to help them get their life back, there's nothing better.